Staffing & The Trucking Industry

“Where we live in Florida, we haven’t been able to get our usual brand of Publix coffee creamer for two months. We were told there are no cartons to put it in!” It’s easy to forget the supply chain disaster involved in our daily lives until what we need is no longer available. There aren’t essentials because there are not enough truck drivers.  

The Memphis Business Journal heralds the industry by pointing out, “Trucking is the only industry that directly ships to every community in America, rain or shine.” They are right to revere their transporters, considering the Tennessee trucking industry employs almost 1 out of every 13 people in the state. Despite that number there is still a nationwide shortage of almost 80,000 drivers, according to the President of the National Trucking Association.  

The industry took a hit in 2020, creating a dip that poised it to bounce back better than ever in 2021. Stocks are soaring, but industry veterans are retiring while the demand for truckers is on the rise. The demand for truckers spans more than job openings—the trade needs a human resources overhaul. 

Yellow Trucking Company applauded the Biden Administration Trucking Plan on their website, highlighting outdated barriers for entry. The plan also includes apprenticeships, where Yellow plugged their own as an option. “We’re working on getting future truckers’ job ready, but there is a lack of planning for qualified people once they start looking.” 

If you are a driver, is your preference to be independent or part of a team? An independent position may look tempting until you begin searching for affordable healthcare options, paying self-employment tax rates, keeping up with local laws and regulations, and exploring your own retirement planning. The California Trucking association is struggling with laws currently limiting independent contractors. If your goal is to make six figures, don’t look to the government for help, utilizing the Affordable Care Act for health insurance isn’t even an option.  As you source all of the healthcare coverage alternatives, it becomes evident you’re unlikely to beat the competitive rates of group insurance plans. 

Zynergia HR is here to help. We offer flexible PEO and staffing model solutions that enable trucking and transportation businesses to better manage their variable workforce of full-time, temporary and independent contractors, giving them access to 401k plans, and affordable, national large group health insurance programs. We empower companies to attract and retain highly-qualified drivers and offer them the kind of benefits that truly motivate good employees to greatness.  

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