Industry Experience

Zynergia has experience working with HR in many industry fields.


Healthcare & Healthcare Staffing

Since our background of affiliated companies is healthcare consultive and healthcare-related business services, Zynergia HR has a very unique and deep understanding of Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting. The sourcing, recruiting, supplying, and placement of healthcare personnel (technical, MD, RN, etc.) is in our nature.

Hospitality StaffingProfessional Services

Professional service groups generally strive to be the best at tier craft and trade. We assist these endeavors by managing the employment practices, back office, and human resource management items (Human Capital) allowing the full concentration of their firm. In addition, professional firms generally require high levels of health benefits, 401k, deferred compensation plan management, and other employee-centric services to attract and retain their talent. Zynergia HR not only can craft and deliver on these plans but also assist in the Human Capital Management consultive activities which will help the firms develop attractive compensation plans, succession plans, advancement, and training programs, etc.

Hospitality Industry & Hospitality Staffing

Zynergia HR has unique insights into the Hospitality and Hospitality Staffing industries. We can be a very valuable partner in the sourcing, recruitment, and placement of hospitality personnel as well as help create very manageable workforce arrangements (staffing, segregated departments, etc.).



Zynergia HR has supported the efforts of major automotive manufacturers through advanced workforce management including but not limited to: utilization of staffing augmented contingent workforces to allow rapid expansion of manufacturing personnel during ramped up production periods, the introduction of future automotive direct employees via a one to two year period served in a segregated population of employees, the measuring of the segregated population through extensive KPIs as designed to identify the optimum performing employees and their associated efficiencies, etc.

Light Assembly & Blue-Collar Staffing

Light Industrial and blue-collar industries are well known to our company. We have vast experience in the control, analysis, and management of the risk issues arising from these sectors. Insurance and claim experience difficulties, OSHA, and compliance meters reducing collateral legacy development, all are second nature to us. We can help to utilize our unique insights and hard-gained knowledge.