Back Office for Staffing Companies 

Zynergia can help your staffing company to achieve scaling, lower costs, increased cash availability as well as the ability to enter States that previously would not be accessible to you. As a full functional PEO, Zynergia already has the back office well in hand.  We administer payroll, workers’ compensation, benefits, human resource requirements at a volume and efficiency that small to medium staffing companies can rarely achieve.  We also leverage our economies of scale, efficiencies, and volume to reduce your costs (even on an outsourced basis to us).  We also offer payment terms that will effectively increase your cash flow. In addition, because of risk management mitigation efforts, size of our risk pool, and insurance design, we can effectively limit the impact of adverse large claim impacts as well as experience modification rate negative trends. 


As your back office, we can white label our services and offerings effectively becoming unseen to your clients leaving you with the total focus upon the business of recruiting, sourcing, and placing in the front office. 


Flexible Workforces & Standard Staffing 

 A flexible workforce is one that varies in size to meet the client’s current or near-term demand of production or services provision. The capacity to enlarge or reduce the number of required employees is often critical to a businesses ability to meet the targeted profit level or leverage the interim opportunity. The ability to attract and place the required talent in a short timeframe may be beyond the resources of most businesses; However, Zynergia specializes in this space. Other major benefits beyond meeting the workforce demand are: lowering payroll and other employee-related costs in the segregated population of employees, the “filtering” effect of the workforce pool (the aspect of selecting talent from a pool of available workers whose skill sets match those required for a given project). In addition, we can also assist in the placement of higher skill level personnel for capitalize on shorter bursts of progress.  


As a Staffing company our function is to provide contingent workforces and mitigate the associated liabilities that may inhibit standard employers’ ability to rotate and size its work population as needed. 


Risk Management and Human Capital Management 

Zynergia excels in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Human Capital Management (HCM), workers’ compensation, safety management and organizational development. Zynergia enhances enterprise value by addressing corporate infrastructure issues to drive down costs, improve return on assets, manage risks and develop processes to create best practices in Risk, HR, and Administration functions. 


Strategic Planning 

We offer a broad range a strategic planning in the ERM and HCM areas to include preparation of your risk program for a due diligence process associated with acquisition, insurance coverage redesign, utilization of outsourcing (risk transfer), correction of collateral burden and misaligned or poor performing current TPA providers as well as underperforming internal claims, risk, and loss control functions.  We will conduct a survey based on our client’s areas of interest and utilize advanced analytics to identified external threats and competitive opportunities. Specific strategies will be discussed and vetted during the review process in order to arrive at our client’s desired outcome. A strategic plan will be developed and implemented based upon the client’s desired schedule of completion. 


Human Capital Management 

Zynergia can design and implement systematic evaluation processes in order to facilitate a scalable staffing model with the identification of skill level deficits within functional areas and the corrective actions required to bolster the various areas including succession planning, management upgrades, personnel replacements, and other cultural changes to achieve the companies’ desired results. 


Interim Risk and Human Resources Management & Mentoring 

We can assist in the interim management of organizations, departments, and functions while our clients are sourcing a permanent placement or implementing a more permanent arrangement. We have vast experience in this service, particularly while implementing turnaround activities. An alternative option would be to rely upon Interim Risk to assist in more advanced activities required by the client while offering mentoring to the internal personnel currently in place. 


Executive Search 

Zynergia can leverage its wide range of industry contacts as well as our detailed, specific knowledge of the specialty areas you are focused upon. Unlike other executive search firms, we will focus on your search inclusive of manager through C—Level executives as needed. Zynergia will assist in the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and presenting candidates to clients selectively.  

We offer two search formats: 

Retained Search  

Under this format we offer our services under a retainer. Search fees are typically a percentage of the annual compensation of the recruited executive. Our fee payments may be made in thirds, 1/3 of fee paid on initiation of the search, 1/3 paid thirty days later, and the final 1/3 paid thirty days later or upon placement of the candidate. Alternatively, a fixed fee may be established. Zynergia will provide a guarantee if the hired candidate leaves before a stated milestone (provided there has not been a material change in the position requirements or management team). We offer discretion and confidentiality related to sensitive searches in this category.  

Contingent search 

Contingent search implies remuneration upon the successful completion of the search (typically when the candidate accepts the position). Zynergia typically charges a fixed percentage of the candidates’ annual wages. 


Remote Talent Search

Remote talent search offer costs savings while producing quality work.  The remote staffing model integrates the contingent worker into your existing internal team within the existing culture and work process context.  It also allows you to define the additional fixed or flexible hours required to augment your internal team’s production demands. This model also offers easy scalability on an as needed basis.