Risk Management & Human Capital Management

Zynergia excels in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Human Capital Management (HCM), workers compensation, safety management and organizational development. Zynergia enhances enterprise value by addressing corporate infrastructure issues to drive down costs, improve return on assets, manage risks and develop processes to create best practices in Risk, HR and Administration functions. 

Strategic Planning

Zynergia offers a broad range of strategic planning in the ERM and HCM areas to prepare your risk program for a due diligence process.  This process is associated with acquisition, insurance coverage redesign, utilization of outsourcing (risk transfer), correction of collateral burden and misaligned or poorly performing current TPA providers and underperforming internal claims, risk and loss control functions.  We will conduct a survey based on our clients areas of interest and utilize advanced analytics to identified external threats and competitive opportunities. Specific strategies will be discussed and vetted during the review process to arrive at our clients desired outcome. A strategic plan will be developed and implemented based upon the clients desired schedule of completion. 

Claims Management

Zynergia, from the perspective of the insured, will design and implement claim corrective actions to dramatically reduce the workers compensation, legal and EPLI claims experience of our clients to achieve significant total incurred savings.  We will design and implement a correction plan to include the clients internal personnel skill level improvement, sourcing of appropriate required additional personnel if needed and the utilization of advanced analytics to identify the highest yield and impact areas to achieve the fastest turnaround.

Workforce Operational Quality Assurance and Scalability

Zynergia will design and implement metrics, processes and operating procedures to maximize human capital operational output by assessing our clients current internal efficiencies. The clients future growth and scalability desire, service offerings, market placement and profitability will influence Zynergias strategy to achieve the goals through a well-designed project plan. 

Human Resources

Zynergia can design and implement executivelevel assessment tools to gauge the skill levels and scalability of departments, teams and individuals. Skill level assessments, growth potential evaluations, creation and implementation of performance and training programs can also be developed to effectively develop the clients personnel to higher skill and leadership levels.  Succession planning is a natural outcome of these activities. 

Human Capital Management

Zynergia can design and implement systematic evaluation processes to facilitate a scalable staffing model with the identification of skill level deficits within functional areas and the corrective actions required to bolster the various areas, including succession planning, management upgrades, personnel replacements and other cultural changes to achieve the companies desired results. 

Interim Risk and Human Resources Management & Mentoring

We can assist in the interim management of organizations, departments and functions while our clients are sourcing a permanent placement or implementing a more permanent arrangement. We have vast experience in this service, particularly while implementing turnaround activities. An alternative option would be to rely upon Interim Risk to assist in more advanced activities required by the client while offering mentoring to the internal personnel currently in place.